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Metal Fence Solutions

Everywhere you look, whether at public events or in private homes, you will find a metal fence along the roadside, in the park, around the airport, on the construction site, and at the private swimming pool. XiangMing is a dedicated welded wire mesh and metal fence supplier. If you are in need of any metal fencing or wire mesh fence panels, please give us a call right now!

  • Temporary Fence

  • The temporary fence is a kind of easy-install welded mesh fence. It can be effortless moved by one person, and thus is sometimes called the portable fence. This easy-to-install metal fencing is desirable as a short-term solution around the construction area. When it is not in use, simply pull the post out, remove the wire mesh and carry the metal fence away. Many large public events also find the temporary fence as an ideal option for maintaining order within a packed area.

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  • Swimming Pool Fence

  • For owners of swimming pools, we at XiangMing offer a wide selection of swimming pool fence that will not only enhance safety and security by preventing unauthorized access to the pool by children, pets or wild animals, but also improve the look of your entire backyard. With lightweight and easy to handle pool safety fence, pool owners can enjoy their private swimming space safely.
    In addition to swimming pool fences, we can also supply other styles of safety fencing.

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  • Wire Mesh Fence Panel

  • We live in a time where both environmental and aesthetic performances are appreciated. That is why XiangMing wire mesh fence panel could enjoy increasing popularity across industries, due to its environmental protection features and aesthetically appealing look of the security fence design. Construction areas, road sides, gardens, and manufacturing facilities are common places where our wire mesh fence is used.

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  • Pedestrian Barrier

  • As a kind of portable steel barrier, the pedestrian barrier provides good ways to protect safety along the roadside, around the perimeter, or at the main entrance or exit of a building. Several crowd control barriers are often used in combination to separate pedestrian flow from adjacent street traffic and maintain order within your factory, on the road, at the street, or around the residential area.

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  • Wire Mesh Net

  • Appropriate fencing is essential to keep the livestock in the designated grazing area, whether it is a perimeter fence around the outside of the entire pasture or a fence to divide the pasture into smaller paddocks. XiangMing wire mesh net is an important selection of building blocks of pasture fencing. The use of wire mesh fence in a rotational grazing system allows for better utilization of plant growth, resulting in higher environmental performance of a pasture and slowing down pasture degradation. Many homesteaders consider the wire mesh net a desirable material option for creating a field fence around their farmlands. Other uses are in the natural reserves, scenic areas, and hunting areas.

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  • Metal Panel

  • The metal panel is a kind of livestock panel commonly seen in pastures where cattle, goats and horses are grazed. Its simple structure allows for great flexibility in fence set-up, maintenance and transportation. Unique design of the metal panel permits fresh air and sunlight to pass through, which is ideal for grazing animals. Installing a metal fence panel is easy without the need to dig holes into the grassland.

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  • Metal Gate

  • The metal gate often serves as a farm gate or field gate to protect the safety of your farm by preventing unauthorized access. Made of high quality low-carbon steel, XiangMing steel farm gate shows great tensile strength and corrosion resistance, which makes it durable, attractive and able to stand against harsh weather conditions.

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