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Wire Mesh Net

Appropriate fencing is essential to keep the livestock in the designated grazing area, whether it is a perimeter fence around the outside of the entire pasture or a fence to divide the pasture into smaller paddocks. XiangMing wire mesh net is an important selection of building blocks of pasture fencing. The use of wire mesh fence in a rotational grazing system allows for better utilization of plant growth, resulting in higher environmental performance of a pasture and slowing down pasture degradation. Many homesteaders consider the wire mesh net a desirable material option for creating a field fence around their farmlands. Other uses are in the natural reserves, scenic areas, and hunting areas.

Depending on the diverse applications, XiangMing can manufacture different specifications of wire mesh net and wire mesh fence with adjustable mesh sizes. Durable and easy to install, the wire mesh netting shows great corrosion resistance and serves to protect livestock as well as facilitate animal grazing. XiangMing wire mesh fences are widely used in pastures and grazing areas of Australia, Canada, and Europe.

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