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Sales Cases

Ever since its foundation in 1990, XiangMing has been focused on quality, innovation, and sustainable development. Based in Anping, a city considered to be the largest manufacturing hub for welded wire mesh and wire mesh products, the company is now looking to expand its business overseas. As a matter of fact, XiangMing already becomes the biggest private enterprise and exporter of metal wire mesh and wire mesh fences, with its welded wire mesh, temporary fencing, livestock panel, and chain link fencing sold to a dozen of countries including USA, Canada, Australia, and EU. Now in our third decade of operations, the company remains at the forefront of the world’s wire mesh and metal fence industry through continuous technology innovations, management, and quality improvement. The advanced equipment, coupled with industry-leading processes and complete testing techniques, is what sets us apart from our competitors. Striving for high product quality, efficiency and lean management helps us earn a reputation among worldwide fencing products customers.

Case 1

In 2011, an Australian called us through the introduction of a mutual friend. After talking over the phone, the customer paid a visit to us. Because he was just about to run a startup in the temporary fencing industry, it seemed that he did not know anything about temporary fences. Hence, based on decades of hands-on experience in manufacturing mesh fences as well as our understanding of target markets, we select quite a range of portable fence for the customer, all available at an enticing price. The customer was deeply impressed.

Case 2

In 2012, leaders at XiangMing made a business trip to Australia, with the intention of visiting our loyal customers there. It is worth noting that customers in Australia account for the majority of XiangMing's oversea customer base. That is part of the reason why XiangMing management would make a point of visiting them in person. After arriving at our customers' site, our leaders discussed with them on our products and gain a grasp of the problems of our fencing products during every-day use.

Case 3

In 2013, an Australian importer of livestock fences and farm gates got in touch with us. The customer sent us some concept drawings for a batch of cattle panels and farm gates, and required us to build them accordingly. But after receiving the drawings, our technicians found that the whole plan would waste a lot of raw materials and the proposed size would pose daunting challenge for packing and fitting the container. That being said, the drawing was impractical. Thus, we discussed with the customer for a few times until eventually he accepted our recommended fence size which not only saved materials but also made full use of the container space thereby saving production and transportation costs.

Case 4

Early this year, a New Zealander was intended to buy blow-molded temporary fencing feet (also called post base) from us. He asked us to add logos to the post base. The color of our post base should be the same as his logo. After receiving the sample of post base from the customers, our men started production and carried out quality control. The resulting temporary fencing feet totally met his requirements and thus helped us gain positive reviews from our customer.