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    1. Wire Mesh Fence - Paladin Fence

      Use of Steel Welded Wire Mesh Fence
      Garden fencing.
      Residential Fence.
      Landscaping Fencing.
      Highway Fence.
      Railway Fence.
      Our range of welded wire mesh fence is classified into multiple styles according to the structure design and primary applications. Included are the welded wire fences made of low carbon steel, the double wire fencing with extreme high tensile, the metal mesh fence installed with barbed wire or razor wire to prevent unauthorized climbing, and more.

    1. Wire Mesh Fence - Double Wire PanelXiangMing now offers a simple, elegant double-wire design to increase rigidity and time to cut through. This wire mesh fence comes with high tensile strength, and features two horizontal wires on both sides of a vertical wire.
    1. Metal Wire Mesh Fence - Anti ClimbThe sharp razor or barb almost makes it impossible for intruders to climb over the fencing. This anti-climb fence is commonly seen around airports and prisons where security is of vital importance.
    1. Garden FenceResting your hands comfortably on the wire mesh fence while savoring the beauty of flowers, trees or other pleasing features in the garden is something you can hardly resist.
    1. Palisade FenceOur palisade fence provides a simpler fencing solution which allows clear visibility through the fence. Made of eco-friendly materials, this selection of wire mesh fence meets the needs of environmental protection and is very popular in Europe.
    1. Wire Fencing AccessoriesAll our fencing components have the advantages of easy installation, attractive appearance, and solid construction. If none of our standard components appeals to you, give us a call to access custom design service.
    1. Temporary Fence - Australian / European StyleXiangMing provides you quality temporary fences, which are fabricated using galvanized steel wire, to help you secure, protect and control the area of your special event, whether in a public park or at private premises. Our selection of portable fence meets Australian and European industry standards.
    1. Temporary Fence - Canadian / American Style

      Material: low-carbon steel.
      Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, PVC coating.
      Uses: Crash barrier, road barrier, guide rail, portable fencing.
      This range of temporary fence is manufactured in strict conformation with industry standards in Canada and America. It is a great way to provide safety and security to construction sites and private courtyards as well as maintain the whole crowd in control during the sports meeting, rock concert, and festive party.

    1. Temporary Fence Brackets, Braces and ClipsWith these metal fence accessories on hand, installation of a portable fence can be done easily and with little effort. Our high quality metal fencing supplies are built to last long and connect fence panels tightly together, all the while allowing easy removal and repeated use.
  • Temporary Fencing Feet

    We can provide Injection Molded Base, Blow Molded Base, Two Part Base.
    Post Hole Size of Temporary Fencing Feet.
    25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, 48mm.
    The temporary fence feet are the base of a temporary fencing system. They go by many names. Fence post base and temporary fencing base are just a couple. This selection of metal fence accessories serves to hold the entire fence system tightly in place.

  • Pedestrian Barrier

    Steel barricade with flat base.
    Hot-dip galvanized pedestrian barrier with bridge base and arched base.
    Spray painted pedestrian guardrail.
    Mesh Size: 1100mm×2100mm
    Our range of pedestrian barrier is a selection of steel barrier designed for crowd control and people flow management. It is a portable solution for public safety protection at public events. The interlocking structural design makes the crowd control barrier easy for connection.

  • Swimming Pool FenceOur range of Swimming pool fence not only decorates your backyard landscape, but also provides necessary safety protection around the swimming pool. It can be used around public or home-owned swimming pools, to prevent children or pets from potential drowning risks.
    1. Cattle Panel

      We can provide oval rail, square rail, round rail cattle panel.
      It is easy to set up a cattle fence, horse fence, or styles of livestock fence using metal panel.
      This range of cattle panels is a kind of durable fencing material for building livestock fences such as the cattle fence and horse fence. It can be engineered from oval, square or round tubes. The oval tube version offers the highest strength and safety standard. The square tube version is more durable than the round tube version which is the most economical one.

    1. Sheep PanelThe sheep panel is another popular style of livestock fence available at XiangMing. It is designed specifically for keeping in sheep and goats. A key advantage of this metal fence is the corrosion inhibiting characteristic, which allows the sheep fencing or goat fencing to be used under various unfavorable conditions.
  • Metal Farm GateIf you are a beginning homesteader or looking to get started with a new farm, then you should never miss this metal farm gate out. Our range of metal field gates is typically made of low carbon steel, and undergoes hot dip galvanization to improve tensile strength. The design and specification are customizable as well.
  • Field FenceCharacteristics of this range of wire mesh fence include sturdy construction, appealing appearance, high corrosion resistance, and great tensile strength. The wire mesh is twisted and woven by machines. We welcome you to contact us today if you are looking for cattle fence, horse fence, etc.
  • Chain Link FenceThe chain link fence can be made of low carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy wire. Both barbed ends and knuckled ends versions are available. With maximum length up to 50 meters, the wire mesh fence is widely used as safety fence for highways and railways.
    1. Welded Wire Mesh Panels

      Categorized by Material:
      Stainless steel wire mesh panel.
      Black annealed wire mesh panel.
      Galvanized welded wire mesh panel.
      PVC coated welded mesh panel.
      According to the raw material and processing technique for welded mesh, our range of welded wire mesh panels is available in stainless steel, galvanized, PVC coated and more versions. It can be used to make wire mesh shelves for sample exhibitions, or wire mesh partitions on construction sites.

    1. Welded Wire Mesh RollsThis series of welded wire mesh is sold on rolls. Due to the great flexibility in length, welded mesh rolls has become one of the most commonly used raw material for making wire mesh fencing system, wire mesh partitions, etc. The wire mesh surface is electro galvanized, hot dip galvanized or plastic coated to improve performance.
  • Euro FenceThis selection of Euro fence can be fabricated from low carbon steel wire or aluminum magnesium alloy wire. It undergoes varied options of surface treatment to improve anti corrosion and anti aging performances. It is your optimum choice if you are looking for metal wire fences for decoration, enclosure and protection purposes.
    1. Welded Mesh Gabion The welded mesh gabion refers to the gabion basket primarily made by welding method. While being used as gabion cages for slope protection, the welded gabion is also found applications such as landscape gardening, exterior wall building, etc. It has enhanced ability to withstand severe weather conditions.
    1. Woven Wire Gabion The woven wire gabion is essentially constructed from woven wire mesh. According to the desired mesh size, the wire mesh gabion basket can be manufactured from different diameters of galvanized wire. It is available with multiple options on surface treatment. Included are electro galvanization, hot dip galvanization, PVC coating, and Galfan.
    1. Hexagonal Wire MeshThe hexagonal wire mesh is also called hexagonal wire netting because of its hexagonal mesh design. Available in many material and surface treatment options, it can be made into wire mesh gabion baskets, safety fencing, agricultural fencing, etc. Both single and double twisted versions are available.
    1. Steel T-PostThese are carbon steel fence posts with T shaped cross section. While being widely used for fencing construction, the steel T-post can also be made into grape trellis or any other style of supporting frame. Surface treatments like galvanization, powder coating, and plastic coating are optional.
    1. Steel Y-PostThe metal fence post comes with Y shaped cross section. Through precision cutting, weighing and surface finishing, this range of fencing post offers accurate length and smooth surface without burrs or cracks. High performance straightener guarantees high level of straightness for each post.
    1. Peach Shape PostThis range of peach shape post differs from other styles metal fencing post because of its slotting design. Wire mesh fences are allowed to be directly inserted into the slots, which ensures simple fencing construction.
    1. Razor Barbed WireThe barbed tape is often used on top of fencing to deter even the most daring climbers in airport and around the jail. Of course this steel wire can function independently as well.
    1. Barbed WireThe barbed wire is a popular selection of steel fencing wire which is typically seen around highways, forests, and in fields such as industry, agriculture, and animal husbandry.