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Sheep Panel

The sheep panel is another popular style of livestock fence available at XiangMing. It is designed specifically for keeping in sheep and goats. A key advantage of this metal fence is the corrosion inhibiting characteristic, which allows the sheep fencing or goat fencing to be used under various unfavorable conditions. Durable and easy to install, the metal sheep fence is generally used to keep the sheep or goats secure and protected.

Production Process
Building a successful sheep panel involves several key steps. For starters, prepare a number of galvanized tubes either in oval or square shapes. Then weld the interlaced tubes together. Polish the weld points to a shiny finish. Finally apply rust-corrosive paints before spray paining silver powder. The weld joint is a welded structure that has been galvanized to a glossy finish and built to last long. The metal sheep fence is a system of galvanized welded fencing tubes interwoven together.

1. With 3 or 4 metal fence panels, users can make quickly work of a sheep fence setup without the need to dig holes in the ground. The resulting livestock fencing is sturdy but flexible.
2. Built to last for decades
3. This fence panel is made through bending high quality galvanized tubes before being bent.

Specifications of Sheep Panel
Option 1
Length: 2.8m
Height: 1m
Horizontal Rail or Tubes: 60x30x1.6mm (6pcs)
Vertical Tubes: 40x40x1.6mm
Panel: width,30mm; thickness, 3mm
Attachments for this cattle panel include the rainproof cap, hook and loop mechanism, and post hinge

Option 2
Length: 2.8m
Height: 0.99m
Horizontal Tubes: 25x25x1.6mm
Vertical Tubes: 40x40x1.6mm
Tubes around the Center: 25x25x1.6mm

Option 3
Height: 1.17m
Length: 2.85m
Tubes around the Edges: 32x2mm (round tubes)
Horizontal Tubes or Rail: 25x2mm (round tubes)
Tubes around the Center: 30x3mm (2pcs)

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