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Cattle Fence Panel

The cattle fence panel is essentially a fencing material made of interlaced tubes. Several such fencing panels can make an enclosure or fencing system to keep your cattle or horses secure and protected. Setting up a cattle fence, horse fence, or styles of livestock fence using the metal panel is rather easy, and so is its maintenance and transportation. With the cattle panel, fence builders do not need to dig holes in the ground to insert the fencing post. Animals living within the metal fence can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while being kept away from dangers or your vegetable fields.

XiangMing has many years of experience in producing high quality cattle fence panel that meets the diverse standards of different foreign buyers. Our product is available in one of the three configurations: oval post, square post, and round post.

The key advantage of a round post configuration is its low price and the ability to fill one container in large numbers during shipping which means reduced transportation costs. The square post version is also an affordable livestock fence panel option and is more durable than a round one. The highest priced cattle panel is the oval post version which is also the strongest fencing material among the three types. The ideal geometry of the oval post causes no harm to the cattle or horses, unlike the square post with sharp edges and corners.

Parts other than posts are all available with corrosion-resistance coatings which suit them for any severe outdoor environments. As long as those fencing components are well maintained, our range of cattle fence panels can deliver a lifespan of up to 20 years.

This range of metal fence panel is designed with oval post as a standard. It is priced the highest among our cattle panels. But those who have ever used this fencing panel consider it worth the money. Unlike the square rail livestock panel with sharp edges and corners, an oval tube configuration causes no harm to the animals being fenced in. The sturdiness of the oval rail panel makes it suitable for severe outdoor environments.

XiangMing is a dedicated fencing panel supplier. Our cattle fence panels are available in different configurations. Standard specifications for this oval post metal fence panel are listed below.
Horizontal Oval Rail: 60×30×1.6mm
Vertical Square Tube: 40×40×1.6mm

Available at an affordable price, XiangMing range of livestock fence with square post is more durable than a round tube configuration. If you are looking for easy ways to set up a pen for your livestock, please feel free to contact us. We are a dedicated cattle fence panels manufacturer. With 4 or more metal fence panels, users can make quick work of an animal enclosure or fencing system that is built to last for decades.

Specifications of the Livestock Fence with Square Post
Height: 1.6m, 1.8m
Length: 2.07m, 2.1m
Vertical Posts and Horizontal Rails: 40x40mm RHS, 50x50mm RHS

The cattle fence panel with round posts provides an economical option for fencing in your cattle. This type of livestock panel is easy to bend, and can fit a container in large numbers. XiangMing is a professional livestock fence panel supplier in China. Whatever your fencing needs, we can have the right fencing solution to meet them.

Specifications of the Cattle Fence Panel
1. Height: 1.8m
2. Length: 2.1m
3. Horizontal round Pipe: 42×1.6mm

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