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Field Fence

The metal wire mesh fence is a popular selection of field fence for domesticated animals, like cattle, sheep, deer, and pigs. This range of livestock fencing is typically seen in the grasslands, ranges, natural reserves, forests and highways.

Characteristics of this range of wire mesh fence include sturdy construction, appealing appearance, high corrosion resistance, and great tensile strength. The wire mesh is twisted and woven by machines. We welcome you to contact us today if you are looking for cattle fence, horse fence, etc.

Specifications of the Field Fence
Model: XM-LSF
Raw Material: hot-dip galvanized Q235 iron wire
Surface Treatment: hot-dip galvanizing
Outer Wires: 2.5-3.6mm (2.5mm), high carbon steel
Inner Wires: 1.7-2.5mm (2.0mm), low carbon steel
Wire Mesh Fence Height: 115-200cm
Vertical Wire Spacing: 150cm
Horizontal Wire Spacing: 15-60cm
Sizes: 1.8×100m
Zinc Coating: 60-240g/ m2

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