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Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming pools are a great feature to have in your backyard. They are extensions of your home and offer a lovely private space. There are several things you can add to increase functionality in your backyard---including the pool fence. Our range of swimming pool fence not only decorates your backyard landscape, but also provides necessary safety protection around the swimming pool.

XiangMing is a professional swimming pool fencing manufacturer that produces world-class steel pool fences for use around public or home-owned swimming pools. The swimming pool fence keeps playful children or pets from potential drowning risks, serving both decorative and utilitarian purposes. Contact us now if you are looking for pool safety fence or any other styles of steel fence.

Recommended Pool Fence Specifications
Size: 1250×1980mm, 1300×2311mm, 1100×2230mm, 1100×2100mm, 1100×2000mm
Frame pipe: Ø38×2mm, Ø38×1.8mm, Ø38×1.5mm, Ø32×2mm, Ø32×1.8mm, Ø32×1.5mm, Ø25×2mm, Ø25×1.8mm, Ø25×1.5mm, 25×25mm
Inside pipe: Ø25×1mm, Ø20×1mm, Ø16×1mm, Ø12×1mm

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