Livestock Panel

    1. Cattle Panel

      We can provide oval rail, square rail, round rail cattle panel.
      It is easy to set up a cattle fence, horse fence, or styles of livestock fence using metal panel.
      This range of cattle panels is a kind of durable fencing material for building livestock fences such as the cattle fence and horse fence. It can be engineered from oval, square or round tubes. The oval tube version offers the highest strength and safety standard. The square tube version is more durable than the round tube version which is the most economical one.

    1. Sheep PanelThe sheep panel is another popular style of livestock fence available at XiangMing. It is designed specifically for keeping in sheep and goats. A key advantage of this metal fence is the corrosion inhibiting characteristic, which allows the sheep fencing or goat fencing to be used under various unfavorable conditions.