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Pedestrian Barrier

Used mainly for crowd control and people flow management, XiangMing pedestrian barrier, also known as a crowd control barrier, is essentially a type of steel barrier commonly seen at many public events, including exhibitions, festive parties, and sports meetings as well as surrounding swimming pools. The pedestrian barrier is a great selection of crowd control fencing for public safety protection.

Clad in various highly visible colors, the pedestrian barrier also comes in a range of models. Some of these models are listed as follows:
1. Steel barricade with flat base
2. The one with bridge base; Welding before hot-dip galvanizing
3. The one with arched base; Welding before hot-dip galvanizing
4. Spray painted one
Convenient interlocking mechanism uses hooks and loops which enable different sections of the pedestrian barrier to be connected together easily. Various meshes are joined to one another, thanks to the use of hooks which are made of 5/8' reinforced steel ribs. The resulting crowd control barrier looks sturdy, durable.

Specifications of Pedestrian Barrier
Mesh Size: 1100mm×2100mm
Outer Tube: 25mmO.D×2mm
Inner Tube: 20mmO.D×1.2mm
Tube Distance: 190mm
Surface Treatment: Welding before hot-dip galvanizing
Amount of Zinc Coating: 500g/m2

  • Steel Barricade with Flat Base
  • Pedestrian Barrier with
    Bridge Base
  • Welded, Hot-dip Galvanized Steel
    Barricade with Arched Base
  • Spray Painted Crowd
    Control Barrier
  • Details
  • Details
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