Temporary Fence

    1. Temporary Fence - Australian / European StyleXiangMing provides you quality temporary fences, which are fabricated using galvanized steel wire, to help you secure, protect and control the area of your special event, whether in a public park or at private premises. Our selection of portable fence meets Australian and European industry standards.
    1. Temporary Fence - Canadian / American Style

      Material: low-carbon steel.
      Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, PVC coating.
      Uses: Crash barrier, road barrier, guide rail, portable fencing.
      This range of temporary fence is manufactured in strict conformation with industry standards in Canada and America. It is a great way to provide safety and security to construction sites and private courtyards as well as maintain the whole crowd in control during the sports meeting, rock concert, and festive party.

    1. Temporary Fence Brackets, Braces and ClipsWith these metal fence accessories on hand, installation of a portable fence can be done easily and with little effort. Our high quality metal fencing supplies are built to last long and connect fence panels tightly together, all the while allowing easy removal and repeated use.

Quality fence panels cost quite a bit, especially when you only need the fencing for a while and then toss it away forever. Now XiangMing offers you a cheap temporary fence solution that meets your budget and suits your portable fencing needs. Our temporary fences can be built to different standards. If you are looking for an Australian standard temporary fencing or one that fits European, Canadian, or US standards, then you’ve come to the right place.

With nearly 3 decades of experience, we know how to divide your internal factory area by using temporary fences, work with customers to effectively secure and protect any construction sites, or keep your pets from wandering where they shouldn’t be allowed to. All these wire mesh fence solutions are reliable but temporary, giving you the flexibility to take the metal fence down and walk away with it.

Many construction sites, mining sites, and special public events find the temporary fences very handy in protecting safety and keeping the crowd in order. Comprised of removable parts, XiangMing temporary fence features a pre-assembled fence panel that is already connected to the feet or struts. The assembly can be easily removed when a proper time comes up. Characteristics of this portable fence include a small panel size, reliable base, and an aesthetically appealing profile.

The end use of temporary fences may vary as they can be used as a party fence, event fence, separation barrier, or construction fence, etc.. That is why we have to get a grasp of your specific needs before starting the production. Most of our custom-made temporary fence comes in brilliant colors, takes up little space around your site, and is easy to move around. Once the post is pounded and installation done, the fence would provide very reliable functions. It secures your job sites while adding an artistic feature to the environments.