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Temporary Fencing Feet

The temporary fence feet are the base of a temporary fencing system. They go by many names. Fence post base and temporary fencing base are just a couple. This selection of metal fence accessories serves to hold the entire fence system tightly in place.

Made of polypropylene, the temporary fencing feet are highly resistant to aging and ultraviolet, which allows the base to have 2 years’ extension of use. A variety of brilliant colors for this plastic fencing base is available including red, yellow, orange and blue. The base is easier to see which makes it safer as it is less of a tripping risk to the public. Upon request, we can put your company name, phone number, and official website on this series of metal fence accessories.

Post Hole Size of the Temporary Fence Bracket
25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, 48mm

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