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Temporary Fence Brackets, Braces and Clips

XiangMing is much more than a manufacturer and supplier of temporary fence. We also take pride in the supply of associated fencing components. Below is a list of our metal fence accessories: brackets, braces, clips, pins and more.

With these metal fence accessories on hand, installation of a portable fence can be done easily and with little effort. Our high quality metal fencing supplies are built to last long and connect fence panels tightly together, all the while allowing easy removal and repeated use.

Look through our list of metal fence accessories including fence fixing clips and fence brackets.

Fence Fixing Clips and Pins
Both are vital fencing accessories of a complete temporary fencing system. They bind wire meshes tightly together, allowing easy removal and reuse.

  • Fence Clips
  • Pin
  • Pin

Fence Brackets
This range of metal fence accessories is necessary for fencing applications involving high wind. They tend to reinforce the entire temporary system and prevent it from tipping over in the wind. When ordering struts, you also need 2 extra fence fixing clips as well as 2 or 3 bases for separate support.

  • Fence bracket
  • Fence brackets
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