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Temporary Fence - Australian / European Style

From sports meetings to rock concerts to festive parties and everything in between, a temporary fence is a great way to protect the crowd and keep people in control. When crowds become unruly, that is when accidents may happen. XiangMing provides you quality temporary fences, which are fabricated using galvanized steel wire, to help you secure, protect and control the area of your special event, whether in a public park or at private premises. Our selection of portable fence meets Australian and European industry standards.

Materials: High-quality low-carbon steel
Corrosion Protection Methods: Galvanizing before welding + anti-rust spray painting + silver powder coating

Features of the Temporary Fence
1. This range of galvanized steel wire fence is easy to install, either in-ground or above-ground, without the need to dig holes or damage the landscaping on which the event is held.
2. Guaranteed long-term use without rusting
3. Allow repeated use, rental, or resale
4. 100% Australian standards compliant
5. The horizontal pipes of the temporary fence are smashed flat to withstand higher loads.

Specifications of the Temporary Fence
Welded mesh size(mm): 75x75, 75x100, 60x150, etc.
Chain-link mesh size(mm): 50x50, 60x60, etc.
H x L(mm): 2100x2400, 1800x2400, 2100x2900, 2100x3300, etc.
Frame (mm): diameter of round pipe: 25, 32, 38, 40, 42, 48, and 60
Wall Thickness: 1.3mm-3.5mm.
Please contact us with your special specifications. Our technical experts would be more than happy to work with you on a custom temporary fencing, be it the construction fence, plastic fence, galvanized fence, or perimeter fence.

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