Wire Mesh Fence

    1. Wire Mesh Fence - Paladin Fence

      Use of Steel Welded Wire Mesh Fence
      Garden fencing.
      Residential Fence.
      Landscaping Fencing.
      Highway Fence.
      Railway Fence.
      Our range of welded wire mesh fence is classified into multiple styles according to the structure design and primary applications. Included are the welded wire fences made of low carbon steel, the double wire fencing with extreme high tensile, the metal mesh fence installed with barbed wire or razor wire to prevent unauthorized climbing, and more.

    1. Wire Mesh Fence - Double Wire PanelXiangMing now offers a simple, elegant double-wire design to increase rigidity and time to cut through. This wire mesh fence comes with high tensile strength, and features two horizontal wires on both sides of a vertical wire.
    1. Metal Wire Mesh Fence - Anti ClimbThe sharp razor or barb almost makes it impossible for intruders to climb over the fencing. This anti-climb fence is commonly seen around airports and prisons where security is of vital importance.
    1. Garden FenceResting your hands comfortably on the wire mesh fence while savoring the beauty of flowers, trees or other pleasing features in the garden is something you can hardly resist.
    1. Palisade FenceOur palisade fence provides a simpler fencing solution which allows clear visibility through the fence. Made of eco-friendly materials, this selection of wire mesh fence meets the needs of environmental protection and is very popular in Europe.
    1. Wire Fencing AccessoriesAll our fencing components have the advantages of easy installation, attractive appearance, and solid construction. If none of our standard components appeals to you, give us a call to access custom design service.

XiangMing specializes in bringing high value, attractive security fencing solutions to customers around the world. In areas with a lot of crimes, trespassing and vandalism, XiangMing wire mesh fence serves as a powerful deterrent to even the most daring vandals and intruders.

Wire fencing panels vary across different situations depending on the specific duties they would perform. That is why we offer various specifications of wire mesh fences for selection. Depending on the level of risk involved in your applications, we would be more than happy to offer you a suitable solution with top-of-the-range wire mesh fences.

XiangMing wire mesh fence is currently found worldwide in livestock industry, along highways and highways, and surrounding airports, ports and docks, residential areas and gardens. Owing to high quality wire mesh fencing panels and prompt service, the company is showered with praise from international customers.

Our range of wire mesh fences is often made of low carbon steel, aluminum-magnesium alloys, etc.
High corrosion resistance, weatherability, anti-aging, and built to last more than a decade
Corrosion Protection Methods
According to client demands, this selection of wire mesh panels can be electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, spray painted, or dip-coated
Square tubular post, T-post, and Y-post are common configurations for our wire mesh fences. Custom posts are available.
The post is attached with clamps made of either plastic or iron in a variety of colors.

Popular Specifications of Wire Fence Panels Required by Customers:
Height:1.03m, 1.23m, 1.53m, 1.73m, 1.8m, 1.93m, 2.03m & 2.23m, etc.
Length: 2m, 2.5m & 3m, etc.
Wire: 3.50-8.00mm. Note that 4.00mm is the most popular size.
Mesh size: 50x100mm, 50x150mm, 50x200mm & 75x150mm

Technical Specifications

Wire Dia. Mesh Size Panel Width Panel Height Fold No. Post Height Post model
Fix 1 Fix 2
200 x 50mm
200 x 55mm
200 x 60mm
200 x 65mm
830mm 2 1200mm 900mm Square post
Peach post
Round post
Holland post
1030mm 2 1400mm 1200mm
1230mm 2 1600mm 1400mm
1530mm 3 2000mm 1700mm
1730mm 3 2200mm 1900mm
1830mm 4 2300mm 2000mm
2030mm 4 2500mm 2200mm
2230mm 4 2700mm 2400mm
2530mm 5 3000mm 2600mm