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Garden Fence

XiangMing is a dedicated perimeter fence supplier based in China. Our wire mesh garden fence has long been recognized for the decorative feature it brings to your garden. The garden fence panel delivers many points of difference, such as attractive appearances, multiple bright colors, and smooth surface finishes.

The railing interior is reinforced with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy, which impasses great strength and shock resistance to the fence. Resting your hands comfortably on the wire mesh fence while savoring the beauty of flowers, trees or other pleasing features in the garden is something you can hardly resist.

Lifespan of the Garden Fence
The garden fence works perfectly at temperatures ranging from -50℃ to 70℃. It is colorfast, anti-rust, and resistant to corrosion. Accelerated aging tests show the mesh fence is generally able to withstand 30 years of trouble-free use. Installation of thisstyle of wire mesh fence is easy and straightforward through insertion.

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