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Metal Wire Mesh Fence - Anti Climb

This range of metal wire mesh fence has barbed wire or razor wire installed above the fencing panel. The sharp razor or barb almost makes it impossible for intruders to climb over the fencing. This anti-climb fence is commonly seen around airports and prisons where security is of vital importance. If you are looking for an airport fence or prison fence, just give us a call.

Surface finish Galvanized with PVC coating, galvanized with powder coating, or HDG coating
Panel size 1.73m×2.5m, 2.03m×2.5m, 2.23m×2.5m, 2.23m×2.9m.
Mesh size 50×200mm, 50×150mm
Wire diameter 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm
Post Square post, peach-shaped post and round post
Top Barbed wire, razor wire, wire mesh
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