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Razor Barbed Wire

The razor barbed wire, more often simply called razor wire, is much sharper than the classical barbed wire. Concertina wire and straight wire are both available. The barbed tape is often used on top of fencing to deter even the most daring climbers in airport and around the jail. Of course this steel wire can function independently as well.

The concertina razor wire is designed with stainless steel and galvanized steel pieces to pinch two wires together. When fully extended, the razor barbed wire will wind in a spiral pattern with 2 adjacent wires crossing each other.

The straight razor wire can be set up in different ways. Fast installation does not require labor-intensive tasks, thus saving construction cost.

Benefits of Razor Barbed Wire
Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-UV, and high weatherability. Available with either electroplated or hot-dip galvanized coating


Specifications Razor Blade Blade Thickness Wire Diameter Blade Length Blade Width Razor Spacing
BTO-10 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 10±1 13±1 26±1
BTO-12 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 12±1 15±1 26±1
BTO-18 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 18±1 15±1 33±1
BTO-22 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 22±1 15±1 34±1
BTO-28 0.5±0.05 2.5 28 15 45±1
BTO-30 0.5±0.05 2.5 30 18 45±1
CBT-60 0.6±0.05 2.5±0.1 60±2 32±1 100±2
CBT-65 0.6±0.05 2.5±0.1 65±2 21±1 100±2
Outer Diameter No. of Loops Standard Stretch Length Manufacturing Note
450mm 33 8M CBT-65 Single razor barbed wire winding in a spiral pattern
500mm 41 10M CBT-65
700mm 41 10M CBT-65
960mm 53 13M CBT-65
500mm 102 16M BTO-12.18.22 Spiral concertina wire
600mm 86 14M BTO-12.18.22
700mm 72 12M BTO-12.18.22
800mm 64 10M BTO-12.18.22
960mm 52 9M BTO-12.18.22
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