Steel Fence Post

    1. Steel T-PostThese are carbon steel fence posts with T shaped cross section. While being widely used for fencing construction, the steel T-post can also be made into grape trellis or any other style of supporting frame. Surface treatments like galvanization, powder coating, and plastic coating are optional.
    1. Steel Y-PostThe metal fence post comes with Y shaped cross section. Through precision cutting, weighing and surface finishing, this range of fencing post offers accurate length and smooth surface without burrs or cracks. High performance straightener guarantees high level of straightness for each post.
    1. Peach Shape PostThis range of peach shape post differs from other styles metal fencing post because of its slotting design. Wire mesh fences are allowed to be directly inserted into the slots, which ensures simple fencing construction.

XiangMing is a dedicated manufacturer of fencing components, including the steel fence post. According to different markets and uses, we have rolled out 3 types of our products: T post, Y post, and peach shape post. All the three types are coated to offer resistance to sunlight, corrosion and moisture.
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