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Steel Y-Post

The metal fence post features Y shaped cross section. It is a kind of steel post available with or without decorative edges. Due to its exceptional reliability and fashion design, the steel Y-post is much favored by customers from Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. Generally, the Australian standard Y post is popular in Australia while the Israeli standard fencing post enjoys popularity from residents of Middle East Countries.

Each and every steel Y post produced by XiangMing has been approved by related Chinese quality inspection departments. As is expected, our fencing post is well reviewed by international buyers and recognized as the Trustworthy Product.

Manufacturing Process
1. XiangMing metal fence post is constructed of 65MNSI square billets and high-carbon rail steel through precision forging and rolling. Typical material used is Q235 steel.
2. Each piece of metal is precisely measured and cut to the exact length before being carefully ground to a fine finish. The resulting metal post shows no burrs, cracks, splintering, or any weight and thickness deviations.
3. A high-precision straightener removes any bends along the post.
4. Surface treatments: with or without black painting. Quality galvanized coating allows the post to be colorfast and anti-rust.
5. The finished steel Y-post is packed by machines and sent into the warehouse.

The steel fence post is packed in 5s or 10s of 1 bundle. Each group of 200 or 400 Y posts is packed with a pallet.

Specifications of Australian Standard Metal Fence Posts

Measurement Y type steel post length
0.45M 0.60M 0.90M 1.35M 1.50M 1.65M 1.80M 2.10M 2.40M
2.04kg /m 1089 817 545 363 326 297 27 233 204
1.90kg /m 1169 877 584 389 350 318 292 250 219
1.58kg /m 1406 1054 703 468 421 386 351 301 263

Specifications of Israeli Standard Metal Fence Posts

Measurement Y type steel post length
1.50M 1.80M 2.00M 2.50M 3.00M
2.0kg /m 333 277 250 200 166
1.87kg /m 356 297 267 213 178
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