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Woven Wire Gabion

XiangMing is a China-based woven gabion manufacturer. XiangMing woven wire gabion is essentially constructed from a woven hexagonal mesh, made of metal wire. According to the desired mesh size, the wire mesh gabion can be manufactured from different diameters of wire. The larger the mesh, the thicker the wire will be. If you are planning to make woven wire gabions with metallic coatings, then the best wire diameter would be from 2.0mm to 4.0mm. If a gabion basket with PVC coatings is what you want, then you should go with 3mm-4mm diameter wires. Wires used to construct the gabion framework should be one grade thicker than wires for hex meshes.

Upon installation, users only need to fill stones into the woven wire gabion and then seal the lid. We at XiangMing also offer choices of surface treatment for each desired gabion cage.
1. Electro-galvanizing: The maximum allowable amount of zinc coating is 10g/m2, which results in poor corrosion resistance.
2. Hot-dip galvanizing: Up to 300g/m2 of coating can be applied to the gabion surface, resulting in outstanding corrosion resistance.
3. Galfan (zinc-aluminum alloy): Zinc-5% Aluminum-Rare Earth Alloy, or Zinc-10%Aluminum-Rare Earth Alloy. Both methods provide the gabion basket with excellent corrosion resistance.
4. PVC coating: Typical thickness of PVC coating is about 1.0mm. The coating further enhances corrosion resistance.

Specifications of Woven Wire Gabion
I. Mesh Size: 60×80mm, 80×100mm, 80×120mm, 100×120mm, 120×150mm, 90×110mm. The length of double twists shall be no less than 50mm so as to prevent any damage to the electroplated coating and PVC coating.
II. Wire Diameter
1. Mesh Wire: 2mm-4mm
2. Framework Wire: 0.5-1.0mm thicker than the mesh wire
3. Tie Wire: typically 2.2cm
III. Tensile Strength of Steel Wire: ≥38kg/m2, 380N/mm
IV. Partition: A partition is needed every 1m along the length of the wire mesh.
V. Size: 2mx1mx1m, 3mx1mx1m, 4mx1mx1m, 2mx1mx0.5m, 4mx1mx0.5m. Note that custom size is available.

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