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Welded Mesh Gabion

XiangMing is a manufacturer of wire mesh gabion baskets. Welded mesh gabion means each point of contact is welded to form a very rigid connection, making this type of welded gabion a must-have in achieving a flat, sharp appearance that a structure should maintain.

Plenty of applications exist for welded mesh gabion which is especially popular in developed countries. The gabion cage comes very handy in landscape gardening, building exterior walls, or constructing commercial buildings. XiangMing gabion cages can be found on exterior walls of One Shell Plaza in the US.
In urban cities of China, the gabion basket has also been a staple of urban landscapes and gardens. Installing a wire mesh gabion takes very little effort, which saves labor costs. Aesthetically appealing and cost effective, the gabion basket is considered an ideal option for courtyard landscaping and slope protection. Typical uses for the gabion are in the construction of landscape blocks, gabion walls, and garden retaining walls.

XiangMing welded gabion is a rigid meshwork of quality low carbon steel that has been welded by automatic, high-precision wire mesh welders strictly according to BS1052:1986 standards. Various surface treatments can be applied to the welded mesh gabion, such electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, plastic coating and Galfan coating.

This gabion cage is a wire mesh cube that is made up of the 4 side panels, 1 bottom panel, 1 partition panel, and 1 lid. The wire mesh is a network of separate spirals welded together. To ensure spiral quality, it is always a good idea to store the mesh gabion in dry environments.

1. Flattened spiral, uniform mesh, rigid weld joints, high corrosion resistance, draining freely, exceptional structural integrity
2. The wire mesh gabion costs very little to have. It is easy to install and considered an ideal choice for courtyard decoration and slope protection.
3. It also comes with enhanced ability to withstand severe weather conditions
4. Great tensile strength
5. Compared with hexagonal wire mesh baskets, welded mesh gabions saves 40% of material and provides better shape control. When filled with stones, sands or other fillings, the mesh surface keeps flat without any in or out movements. Flat surfaces allows the gabion basket to form a uniform entity with the wall or other gabions.


Mesh Opening (cm) Wire Diameter (mm) Typical Gabion Sizes (m)
5×7 2.4 0.5×0.5×1
5×7 2.7 1×1×1
5×10 3.5 1×1×2
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