Gabion Basket

    1. Welded Mesh Gabion The welded mesh gabion refers to the gabion basket primarily made by welding method. While being used as gabion cages for slope protection, the welded gabion is also found applications such as landscape gardening, exterior wall building, etc. It has enhanced ability to withstand severe weather conditions.
    1. Woven Wire Gabion The woven wire gabion is essentially constructed from woven wire mesh. According to the desired mesh size, the wire mesh gabion basket can be manufactured from different diameters of galvanized wire. It is available with multiple options on surface treatment. Included are electro galvanization, hot dip galvanization, PVC coating, and Galfan.
    1. Hexagonal Wire MeshThe hexagonal wire mesh is also called hexagonal wire netting because of its hexagonal mesh design. Available in many material and surface treatment options, it can be made into wire mesh gabion baskets, safety fencing, agricultural fencing, etc. Both single and double twisted versions are available.

The gabion basket is a kind of popular material for constructing wire mesh net. Typically filled with stones during use, the gabion cages are essential for bank and roadbed protection. The mesh netting is also commonly used in civil engineering, water conservancy, and as retaining wall.

While utilized for constructing gabion cage or gabion wall, wire mesh nets help reinforce the structural stability of dams, slopes, river banks, channels and roadways. They are fast, easy to install without special design requirements. Compared with other rigid structures serving the same purpose, the gabion basket requires no labor-intensive tasks. The wire mesh gabion wall saves building material, all the while cutting down on construction costs.

XiangMing is a specialized wire mesh net manufacturer. XiangMing wire mesh netting is a double twisted wire mesh of galvanized wire made of anti-corrosive, high-strength low-carbon steel or 5%-10% aluminum-zinc alloy steel. The length of twists in one wire mesh unit should be no less than 5cm so as to prevent damage to galvanized wire coating. In order to avoid damage to steel wire during weaving as well as facilitate installation of gabion cage, XiangMing select low carbon steel to construct the gabion basket. After galvanizing, an additional layer of PVC or PE coating will be added to the galvanized surface so that the resulting wire netting structure can have better resistance to rust, static electricity, aging, corrosion, pressure and shear. Protective coating also enhances the wire mesh net’s ability to withstand corrosion of sea water or other highly corrosive environments.

Several benefits of using the wire mesh gabion baskets are listed as follows.
1. Low cost. All you need to do is prepare some stones, fill them into the wire mesh gabion, and seal the lid.
2. Easy installation. Installing the gabions does not require any special techniques.
3. Enhanced ability to withstand corrosion or other severe environmental conditions.
4. High structural consistency. The wire mesh net, the raw material for gabion wall making, is built to withstand deformation without collapse.
5. Mud filling the voids between stones is conducive to the growth of plants, which allows the cage to be in harmony with the surroundings.
6. The gabion cage drains freely, which means there would be no standing water inside the cage.
7. Easy to move. The wire mesh can be folded to make quick work of transportation.
8. Fast installation. Installation of the gabions is fast without delaying the project schedule.

Presently available gabion basket is welded mesh gabion and woven wire gabion.