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Welded Wire Mesh Panels

We at XiangMing face different demands for welded wire mesh panels from different clients everyday. Product variety is one aspect we take very seriously. That is why we have carefully picked out a range of quality materials to construct only rigid, long-lasting welded mesh panels to meet customer specific needs. Listed below are just a few of our mesh panels that customers are happy with.

Categorized by Material
1. Stainless steel wire mesh panel
2. Black annealed wire mesh panel
3. Galvanized welded wire mesh panel
4. PVC coated welded mesh panel
5. Wire mesh panel with U-edging frames

Different surface treatments give our welded wire mesh panel vibrant colors. Attractive appearances help XiangMing wire netting draw buyers’ attentions at exhibition or when it is placed on the samples shelf.

Basic welded wire mesh panels are popularly used as wire mesh partitions on the construction site to keep passersby from potential dangers. Characteristics of XiangMing weld mesh panels include corrosion resistance and anti-aging. The product works superbly in outdoor environments where it is exposed to strong sun light. Its high corrosion resistance is generally achieved by one of the four ways: electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, spray painting or PVC coating.


3-6mm 50mm x 50mm
3-6mm 10mm x 10mm
3-6mm 75mm x 150mm
3-6mm 60mm x 150mm
3-6mm 65mm x 150mm
3-6mm 65mm x 195mm
3-6mm 60mm x 60mm
3-6mm 80mm x 60mm
3-6mm 5mm x 10mm
3-6mm 5mm x 15mm
3-6mm 10mm x 15mm
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